Passed Down

Pass it around again,
That new song again,
That new part of you that
Sees me, distance between it now,
Across the states, across the seas,
Coast to coast it proclaims, the sun has
Taken all my friends, in the fire,
In the desire, in the father need of
All of us, who told you you were lost,
You were rust, you were lust for
Affirmation, for a slice of dedication,
Not always, but daily did you pass by
Me, pass right through me, pass right
Around me, for the curbside check
Is you at suspect, coke on the curb,
Pregnant with child, wild on the inside,
Puffed up with makeup, with a thousand
Tattoos, with a thousand ways to get to you,
Broken, broken men, broken generation,
I have tried to love, tried to live, tried to
Give—all of me, right to you, back to you,
Thoughts of you increase as the colors around
You fade, as the sunset stays not the same,
Tough to get at are all those I am looking at—
So I don’t look any longer at the flesh,
I see sweet success, in the fire I toss away
All those old things, old stories, old memories
Of what the world has done to me,
I reach down, I look up, I see you in
All that I don’t understand—love me God,
Love all of me

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