When I

Satisfy not to lie,
To lie with what will satisfy,
To rise, to fall, to ask for all of
Mercy, all of grace, all that can
Take my place, forsaken, beaten,
Withdrew into the wilderness,
Freeway calling me, life taking over
Me, life clicking for me, pure is a real
Sure fire plan, but burning up is me on
The inside—for love has held me this
Long and heavy winded adventure,
Future calls, future calls, future water
Falls to stand under, handrails with you,
Leaning back, the sun fading, my love enduring
Through the seasons, bitter is me, love is me,
Mercy is you and is what I need,
Edge of the driveway,
Midnight in the promenade,
Clocked clicked, lips kissed,
Covenant of youth broken,
Innocence fading with the sunset,
Woke up never the same,
Only Christ is worth it—
When I break, you break,
When I fall, you rise,
When I pray, you hear,
When I talk, you listen,
When I pour into my ears
The fears I shouldn’t fear,
The voice I shouldn’t hear—
Still it, still me, when I
Am not listening—I am
A silent defiance, for noise
Takes up the empty rooms
I live in—when I trust,
I simply do, I simply worship You

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