Little Sister

Song Of Solomon 8:8 says, “We have a little sister, and her breasts are not yet grown. What shall we do for our sister on the day she is spoken for?”(NIV)

I believe this refers to the younger generation. The MTV producers aiming at 8 year olds. All the perversion and all the distractions. I desire to speak for my generation but to think of the one beneath me.

Doors open
Emergency spoken
Little sister, where is she,
Where is He that looks down at her,
Perversion has been the daily submersion,
The women’s body is a bleeding tomb,
Daily a muse, daily under the lusted eye,
Adultery is in this line of sight,

Packed away real tight,
Words that form the shadow
Around me—eternity is in me,
Bleeding is my sleep, for in it
I am dreaming evil dreams, evil
Ways to disobey You,

It looks like good, it sounds like
True, if it is not You I will die
Too, all of me is waiting, waiting
To redo it, years of misfits, years
Of being a wallflower, on the outside,
Looking for the world’s in,

Little sister, she is in front of me,
She is below me, a man would love,
Would give, would face it for the younger
One, for the lovely one that knows not
Of love and mercy, give that to Me,
To my friends, to my amends to be
Made, corrupted world can’t touch
The love and the sword that lives
Inside these words I pass by,
Live by, live to die, live to lye
Next to truth, little sister, she
Is being spoken for—so I speak
For her!

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