The West

All of me wants all of
You, summer means closer,
Means warmer, means front
And temperature, means early
November I will be older, wiser,
Smaller in the head, bigger in the heart, expansion is my mansion,
Ministry is a pipe dream without conformity, call my name in the American wind, it tastes of money,
Tastes like perfection, a life without
Resurrection, dead is this west coast
Wind, the freeway claims the names
Of my enemies, they skate on it
Daily, Fragrant is His name, and
You echo Him, echo His wind,
The wind of the west has blown
Past me, the train tracks pass
Me, I am my own tragedy, living
Without You is a capitalized death
Sentence, my rock is a broken
Man, a broken cross beam with
A bloody dream, so take the West
Take the ocean, move in motion
To me, western settles it,
Find me here, waiting for You

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