Nothing Else

Construction zone,
Building a home,
Heaven to come,
My heart growing numb,
What has man become?
Eyes of adultery are paltry
Presents before the devil,
For his bevel of an edge has
Surrounded me at last,
His shadow to be put in the
Past, up on the mountain
Man is tested, particles and
Dust they add to the rust,
What house have I built?
Johnson ruled the eighties,
Jordan ruled the nineties,
Now who is left to rule me?
The city life, its city lights,
Those dresses are real tight,
Driving til the end of night,
The club scene, the hyped up
Dream machine called west,
Called western, called broken
Cistern, leaking out, the fool’s
Gold of old, the heart growing
Cold—the end is near, the
Foundation to adhere—man
Seeks and looks and hears
Weekly, maybe daily, maybe
Monthly but does He live different?
Is change a myth, in a book, in
The look of left and right, in
The freeway? Keeps us up
At night, the disease is
Longing, it can’t be cured,
I am real sure—love is the
Answer to the cancer inside
Of me—until death is done,
Until He comes, until just is
Done—the foundation is
Beneath is, it is me, when
All is taken, the soul will be
Left, and nothing else

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