Living For You

Waiting, always been waiting,
Anticipating, always anticipating,
To space man has been
Always looking within,
Always poetic, always
Pathetic in nature, but
Wise in stature, a puffed up
Cigar I smoke and stoke the flames
Around me, stoke the pages I read,
Inflamed are my wounds, inflamed
Is the hospital bed, the needles and
The thread, stitched together the wrist
That bleeds, the soul that succeeds, the
Womb that was me in it, the form of the
World that passes, the alabaster I break
Daily, the work I do for Him,
For summer with you was never
The same, the heat took you to
You a different claim,
Fireworks on the beach
Were not in my reach,
Sand from you, disaster from
You, Ocean madness to calm
Me, who is man that He can rule
Himself? That He can put love on
The shelf? Suicide is to live without
You, to selfishly live inside of our world,
To live without God up above,
That is death til all of us
Depart, maybe not to a better place,
Resting in peace is only peace in
Him, for there is no peace for the wicked
Isaiah said, who am I that I would survive,
That I would live to tell my story, that
I would be in this place today,
Alive and living in love for You

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