Man Battle

Made for war
Made for battle
Made to rattle the cage
Called comfort, risk is the disc
That spins in your head,
Safety calls to me daily,
The man is to come out
Hiding behind the not
So safe computer screen,
Girl, you don’t need a boyfriend
You need a man, need a rock
Not just on your finger but in
The time it takes to linger,
Add to the worlds tattoo,
Add it like glue, a man of war
Is coming soon, with blood rising
And division on the rising,
The locust of my focus has
Rotted me for to long,
Shall I just disconnect,
And recollect, and digress
I am progress,
I am future,
I am the force called sure,
I am a man, a man to you,
To the wind behind you,
To your shapes and to
Your edges,
I am battle,
War on the boy inside,
War on hiding outside the
Shell of put together,
War on the weather,
For I crave storms,
I crave disaster,
It is my master,
I crave battle,
For I was made to

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