Stealing only happens in movies,
A stolen soul living for control,
A smoked out basement, a water
Escape for some refuge, I have
Cut my ties with the network, it
Has cut me up for too long,
Who’s getting married
Who’s still single,
Who’s still in that background
I sing in, who’s inside, who is
Outside of me now, years ago,
I met you under the summer air,
And summer has always been really
Good to me, its lullaby was a why,
That song I sang to you, under the
Maroon moon, under the sound of
Desperation, in the air tonight, I could
Feel it coming, yes to friends, yes to
Years of commitment, but no, please
No more 24 hour days of thinking
Of the getaway, of the escape, of
The jet way that was to accompany me,
That was to invite me, stealing only
Happens in movies, but I have been
Stolen myself for to long, taken a look
At destruction, at corruption, at the
Instant recollection—beauty is in the
Eye of the beholder, in the eye of the
Smolder, in the eye of the flame,
And stolen you have done to me,
I have done to me, the memories of
Summer fade away, when all that love
Remains it will remain in me—
Generations to come,
Stolen hearts are daily won,
Won over by true love,
I put down the distractions
And ask for no more sick
Dissatisfactions, if it comes to
Burning all that I own, just to
Own a heart in love—then love
Will rule me, will take the flame in
Me, will be the way I live,
Stolen will remain
The keeper of the flame

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