The Skyline

It’s the skyline of Los Angeles,
The anthem of the famous,
The sound of the purple harlot
With letters of scarlet, with eyes
Of adultery, with feet swift for
Destruction, for an eternal eruption,
An internal corruption, the city life,
The city lights, the city twice as good
As the bad man in me,
Hide behind the smoke,
Behind the cigarette,
Behind the skyline,
Sketched out for me,
For all of humanity,
Christ the King coming
To reign, coming to bring
The end of death,
The end of sin,
The end lies within,
Feel it in your bones,
And sketch it on the skyline,
The invasion is on,
Reaching past the smog,
I am fog to knowing this,
I am mist to stand resist
To You, come to me soon,
The skyline groans for You

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