Dig into me
Lean into me,
He is a mystery,
A shadow to follow
A name to hallow,
A name to Fear, a voice
To hear, a wheat and a tare,
A splitting image of light and
Truth, in Him remains hope and
Hope does not disappoint—for
A poured out life I live,
An empty inside I give,
Locked up, locked away are
All my secrets, are all the indexes
In me, my line of reference is
Preference, a past me was a wild
Me, a child of me, a boy inside a man,
A rise to, a look to, an upward mobility
An inward stability no longer took a hold
Of me, now I rise, I rise daily,
The caped crusader had me the
Blackened fader called risen,
Called satisfied at midnight,
Now you pursue me, now
You have risen, over me
And with me—thank you for
Raising me from the dead

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