Mercy Man

I am a mercy man
A medicine man,
A cleansed man,
A purified drink to
Drink, a new stain to
Sink and a name to ink
In that Book Of Life,
Am I in? Am I forgiven?
Am I reaching for you again?
Getting old, growing cold,
Don’t let me go there, down
To that place, that placed called
Normal, called not thermal,
Press upon me, while I am young,
To love just one only Son, to give
In to it, called all of me, called always,
Called sweet and steady today and
Sweet and steady while it is here,
While I am alive and well, while it
Is pushed upon me to choose a new
Day—I am a mercy man, in need of
Its power, its changing ways,
I am yours Lord, always,
I thank you for the journey,
For the hallways, for the white
Stained pathways, for the steady
And the always, for the lights that
Are now on and the dark that is gone

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