I Am Wheelchair

I am wheelchair,
I am the street’s biggest fear,
I am looking for a home,
I am making it in the curb,
In the do not disturb, in the
Peace and safety of the sun lit
Corners, and the blackened nets
That entangle man,
I am wheelchair,
I am disabled, I am
Not able to love, or give
Or even see, I judge and scorn,
Scold and mold the weaker ones,
The weaker vessels, I am the eye,
I need not the hand, I am the arm,
I need not the legs, I am a round
Peg stuck inside a pentagon of
Craziness, I am wheelchair in a
Hospital gown, in a world renown
Ache and pain, and colors and stains,
I am my greatest fear, I am stuck,
Stuck inside of myself,
I seek and find and search for
You–you require poverty, you
Require all of Me, you require
All to be with a handicap,
For living without You,
In the city square, in the
Summer air, in the slices of
Light that come inside at
Night, a cripple in Christ
I would rather be, then one
Who is in a wheelchair and can’t
See their own need,
We are all like the man in
The wheelchair, dependent on
Others to push them along,
I am wheelchair,
I am ruined with longing,
I am here, waiting for a
Touch from You

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