I am cripple again,
I am a ripple in the wind,
I am low impact at last,
I am compact to You,
I am lost in the cities view,
She is living in my head,
Tucked me in before bed,
Emptied the led in her feet,
Came to greet the dead in me,
With blood stained ashes I lived
Below the surface, the shadow made
A coward out of me,
I am crippled again,
Bent by the dent called love,
Called mercy, these elbows are at
Your table, at the fable, emptied
Bottles piled high, piled up,
Life all screwed up, she came in
With window panes for me
As a sweet and soft suddenly,
Lost in the lists of requirements,
I am crippled with a story to tell,
I am handicap to mercy, wrath has
Always rested on me,
Take the cripple me,
For them in my living room,
Her in the corner of the burner
Called with me, will that ever end,
The cripple me needs a whole
You to make me new

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