In The Mirror

Cleaning the bathroom mirrors and thought of this. I am also reflecting on the Harbinger word spoken by Jonathan Kahn(spellcheck?). I do not have an opinion yet, its just apart of the creative process. Man speaks but only God knows what He has said through people. Jeremiah 23.

This mirror in front of me,
You are in it, behind the glass,
In the placid reflection, in the
Darkened protection, I am
A little darker today, for the
Sun has fallen away, sin has
Taken its toll upon me, body
Aches, body mistakes the light
For dark, evil for good, wrong
For what is right, I am a backwards
Reflection, a fairy tale collection,
A step in the wrong direction—
Man is dead on his own,
Woman knows not beauty
When she faces the mirror,
Its been twisted, its been invested,
Its been rejected,
I have been passed down through
The ages, the devil and the stages,
The genocide that lives in me,
The holocaust is alive and well,
All still choose Hell in spite of
Temporary suffering—shall
I make a covenant with God?
Shall I kill the pigeons?
Shall I spread the blood
Between the trees? Shall I
Grab you God and cut it in
The rock—the harbinger speaks,
The cedar leaks, the sycamore
Reeks havoc, its uprooted,
All of Rome is soon to burn,
Shall it be in this time,
To this generation?
What I speak goes back
To the beginning—no matter
How it is going to end I must
Make amends with the way
I appear in the mirror—I
Must be clean before You,
Impressed is the world
At some talent, at some
Enlarged platform, but
Talent fades, the heart
Remains—in the mirror
I see dark, I need you to
Show me lovely,
To love me is a treasure
To You, for I am not an
Accident before You

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