Past Protection

She took it out of me,
The days of youth,
Guard is a hard part
To live, a harder part
To protect, and in inspection
I live for its protection,
Safety was never an option,
The Ruckus did come before
I was born, before I was torn
From the womb, for I wanted
To hide forever and ever,
Never to be born seems to
Be easier, for life is sorrow,
Is death, is a tragedy to borrow,
Man toils, man boils his mercy,
Boils his opportunities, build
It, build it up as high as men
Can go, let us know God how
High we can get! Let you split
It up and confuse us again
And again—for race, for racism,
For division is the new addiction,
The new sectarianism, the new
Denomination to start,
The c section is to soon come,
For I feel the pangs, the pangs
Of birth, the pangs of death to
Soon be swallowed,
I had the money,
I had the opportunity,
I had the hand of you,
I had the box of all our
Memories, to the lake it
Went, to the bottom of
The sea, to that sorrowful
Part of me,
Death has come to me,
Has followed me like a
Tragedy, light is a choice,
Light is a gift, light is You
God, but never let us believe
That you are never with us
In the darkness

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