Permanent Rescue And The Eternal Flame

There is so much going on in life right now. Encounter School Of Ministry/Discipleship has literally 10 ten days left. And then I hope to get on this blogging daily thing again. I know that I get a lot of support anytime I post a poem but this one right here has a few things for you to consider. First, my good friend Thomas Ewing sings in his The Shadow And The Sound(
He says in one of the songs, “Permanent Rescue is what I am looking for(pretty much)!”

I have come to the humble conclusion that life will be hard until I die but to live without Christ is not just an option( everyone really does have a choice to make) but there are permanent consequences to rejecting Christ. We should not embrace the doctrine of eternal punishment and present it in a mean, or harsh way to the world. The overly devout Calvinist is always accused of thumping people with the TOTAL DEPRAVITY( i.e. the first letter in the TULIP acronym) but we also should not go the Rob Bell direction and start claiming that God’s love and a real, literal, eternal hell cannot exist together. Rob Bell gets a little to close to the line( in my opinion).

The parable in Luke that describes Lazarus in Abraham’s bosom clearly shows us that the man had a strong recollection of this life on the earth. It also reveals that God sends people to warn and preach the Gospel. Everyone has had a chance to say yes or no and before its all said and done the whole world will have a chance. And lastly, we also see that the rich man did not repent while he was in the torment of the flame, he simply asked to be relieved of the torment. That is alarming to me because it is possible that repentance does not exist in Hell. Hell is absent of any form of turning to God, rather Hell is an eternal awareness that God is to be hated, forever and ever!

This poem also has some combined ideas from my childhood. Which, if you haven’t caught on to that yet just know that its a healing process when I look back. And looking forward has been the most valuable part to the restoration. I love my parents and I also have this chip in my brain that is able to put myself back to those years and to the times where pain occurred. This is the year to face the stuff. Redeem the time( the time you have been given) for the days are evil!(Paul says!)

I have been listening to Luke Wood’s(IHOP-KC) song, “You Pour Out Mercy!” and I just ask for it everyday and know that new mercies await me daily! I have to lean into God’s mercy today! More to come on Love Wins, Rob Bell, and why universalism is not the truth.

Rescue me,
Rescued was the old you,
The junior high kid you,
With a love that was pure and free,
Innocence in the womb, a guilt free
Birth, he missed it but later came for
Me, years to be raised in his apparatus,
In his shadow, in the curtain call at 5pm,
Life could not enter then,
Rescue me, I prayed with tears
In my eyes, she came to visit me
When the walls surrounded me,
When he tossed it over the fence,
A little recompense, a little bit of
The government is all I need,
For man does galvanize over
Pain, over misery, over a language
Called dark and against,
Called resist, man rescues no one,
When it all comes crashing,
Man will be bashing his head
Against the windows, against
The shadows called blood and
Glass, called soul searching,
I say it like I said it then,
I needed you then,
At the top of the stairs,
In the turbulence of the
Family, at the edge of sanity,
At the core of our humanity—
I cannot lean upon myself
Anymore, for I will choose
Perversion, I will choose
My own excursion, I will
Follow the flame until it
Takes me,
Where sin burns,
Where sin is my identity,
Where I just want some water
For these cracked lips,
Where I wish a prophet
Could warn them, could
Show them, could tell
Them—in the grave men
Go, all to one place, all
For toiling and spoiling
Time given from above,
Top of the stairs I stayed
Afraid to resist, afraid to
Fight, I was scared then,
I am scared of it now,
But trust is a must,
Rescue is the bust,
Permanent God,
Permanent rescue

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