The Parts, The Person

This is solely a reflection on the parts but not the person. My good friend Benji Nolot spoke of pornography at the One Thing conference. I am grieved at my own bad choices in times past. Porn is ruining what God had designed for the highest of pleasures. Where it is leading is hard to fathom. It’s violence.

Just the parts, please,
Just the ease of choosing
Your pieces, but not the whole,
I sing into the light at the darkest
Of night what I worry, what I bury,
I should of never told you what I had
Inside, man clicks in seconds,
He chooses parts, he chooses the
Organs, the upper region, the lower
Abdomen, the curling stomachs,
Man chooses the parts and rejects
The person, after the music fades,
And the mist ends, the college drive,
Down the 435, I learned it then,
The tightness of her clothes,
The lack of the unknown, the
Curves and the edges, the deception
Of her collections , the misfortune
That her parts were exposed,
Covenant lack has made it’s
Dent, and lent is a passed sound,
The person is the emphasis,
Man searches as an organism
For multiple orgasms from the
Spasms of death that are found
In the multiplicity of the parts,
And not the person,
I repent O God, for choosing
Violence, for ruining my marriage,
For destroying the gift of sex,
All that I regret is found in
The parts, and the honor of
The person, that has been missing

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