I Am Violence

I am the defiance on TV
I am the bat bashing in the
Darkened alley ways, in the
Upheaval I am the removal,
I am the violent display of
Abuse that runs in the family,
That runs downstairs, that is night
Terror, that is a word to devour,
No one does good, not even me,
I am the lust on the park bench,
The creeper in the night, I am the
Burnt money, the joker in the end,
A burned world is the one in front
Of me, death is the swab in my ear,
Right is left, subjection is my
Introspection, I am deep in violence,
Babel me, flood me, spiritual sodomy,

My belly is full of poison,
Golden stained coffee grounds
Fill me, I am addiction to comfort,
To a painless summer ahead of me,

No more violence when I rise,
For the lazy man has no plan,

I am all these things I have listed,
A Son was fully subjected to the Father,
Embraced a violent society, they rejected his offering, and still we scorn
His blood, his flood of mercy,
His violent act of love,
I seek, I reek of death,
I am violence without Your mercy

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