I Am Addiction

I am addiction,
I am non fiction
I am the alcohol
Addiction, I am
Not anonymous,
I am spoken forth,
I am loud, I am
Not that rare kind
Of human that lives
Not broken, not
Desperate, not
Full of light and
Life, I am not rare,
I am full of all kinds
Of fear, I am addicted
To speaking, to making
Noise, as a clanging
Cymbal I might have
To stay, for love has
Given it away,
I am the smoke
You inhale, I am
The sound of
Dark and the sound
Of no spark, I am
Dead, I am addiction,
I am addiction to
Acceptance, to
Man pleasing, to
Gossips, to back
Biting upon myself,
To saying negative
To staying neutral
In the alkaline
Sky, in the matrimony
Of nothing—I am
All these things,
Unless Christ comes,
And takes away the
Pain, the pain that
Gets in deep, and
Keeps men stuck
Below beneath—
I am addiction,
I am in need of You

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