Need Thirst

Caffeine fiend,
Caffeine dry,
Asleep when I am
Awaken, asleep when
I make your mistake—
There is an ache,
There is a longing,
There is me, who is
Real boring—
I am dry, I am cracked
I am full of lack,
Under the sheets
This body sleeps,
But drunkenness
It exists in and
Through all of us—
I am a must,
I am persistence,
I am a resistance
To patience and
Waiting, to seeking
And hungering,
I am barely thirsty,
I am barely desperate,
And barely a rarely in
My generation, in my
Time, all is required,
A leader calls, a leader
Convicts, a leader lacks
So will I, so will the church,
So will and so on and so
Rarely we will all go,
A rare man is an in
Love man, I seek out
That mystery for I need
Thirsty, I need hungry—
I need you to fulfill that
Ache that cannot be
Met in anything else

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