New Conditions, New Convictions

New conditions,
For this new conviction,
New resolutions for the
Parts of me that want to
Be abandoned, summer survival
Is in the arrival, the tightness of her
Clothes stays much to close to me,
Much to close to this imagination,
For I have failed God, I have failed
With my eyes, I have clicked it one
To many times, the body was made
For glory, but the body and its parts
Are maimed and lame in this life,
I need mercy,
I need thirsty,
If I was desperate,
Then I would live different,
I hold on tightly to these
Connections, now I need
New conditions, a new
Petition, for in the city
Square all is fair in love
And its war, its war on
The flesh, its war on the
Selections in front of me,
The seducer she is there,
She is everywhere, she
Is painted on the walls
I walk past, for in the
Crowd she is real loud
And she lives in this
City, on the train tracks
The soul lacks self-control,
For like a heavy train I
Sleep with a permanent
Stain, it will take a miracle
To make me new, to make
Me a redo, new conditions,
New conviction, time to
Start living different,
Instead of just hearing

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