I am never afraid to admit that girls end up in a lot of poems. I would never name names. Part of reflecting is looking back at what you have now learned. This is for all those moments..

Can’t feel it Anymore,
How I used to want it,
I used to sell my things,
For inward possession is
The new obsession, I have
The particles, I lye with the dust,
I am full of rust, they live in unison,
Those cute collections of dark hair
And brown eyes, can’t imagine
Anything else, I have put love
In the shelf, white box, spring detox,
Window washing days were once
My terrain, around town with you,
Around with a new view, bitter winter
Took a hold of me, you were my first
Splinter, the first thorn in my flesh,
Later another would reappear,
To take my summer air,
To take my gas, to take my
Fuel, to make me drool in utter
Disbelief, I can’t change these
Changes, for only beauty calls
To me, shows me to much,
Reveals it all enough,
One night is needed,
One week is pleaded in
Me, one moment with you
Would solve these L.A. blues,
Need a remodel,
A new mold of you,
God, really, will this satisfy?
Will they take it from me,
Will they replace what cannot
Be replaced, summer now is the
New pace, let it’s heat overwhelm

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