The Chemicals

Do you like the things I say?
Do you like the way I look?
Do you pull your hair back
For me? With that sweet little
Calligraphy? With your righteous
Topography? Do you live in me?
Does death not defeat me, cause
You overcame it? Now the shadow
Follows me, hollows me, its stain is
Heavy upon me, I live guilty, I live in
Awe of the parts and the pieces and
The in between of reality and fiction,
And all the friction that exists between
The bodies, between the eyes, in the minds,
The chemicals are not in line, the
Scorn of the porn is burning men
Alive, burying a young grave,
Burying a young slave,
For I am in the house forever,
I am your endeavor,
I am better in November,
I am older soon,
Gray soon,
To be dismayed soon,
To be let down again,
To be burned again
By all those that label
Friend, foe is me,
Woe is the man that
Tries to speak of what
He doesn’t understand—
Do you like me?
Do you enjoy me?
Can you change the chemicals,
The chemicals called me,
Called not He,
Called all that is involved in
Forming me? Can the chemicals
Align just for me, please, just
For one more time, can
You be the God of the chemicals,
For in them are the essentials

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