No More Safety

In the light men make it right,
Do I do what I say?
Do they interact?
Do they react?
Do they set me in
Stone? Does the bed mean
I have a home? I gave away that
First kiss in the brisk wind
Of the eighth grade and the
Masquerade of pleasing the world
Around me, I have kept the person
In the purse, in the hearse I have
Loaded it up that thing called guilt,
Called slime, called crime in me,
A hot body is the new bounty,
The mystery in her that wraps
Around me, those eyes, those
Skies, those colors in her corners,
In her darkened fame, in her unknown
Game of chance,
I wang to tell you I love you
But I have given these parts
To someone else,
To another basement,
To another bed,
To another line far from
Crying with you,

Sorry it has been this way,
Sorry to my future,
For safe sex has no more
Safety in me, protection
Is a misfiring conception
A broken man buries
His trust in his lust
I have wanted the body
And not the person,
So rehearse it new,
I need a redo,
A new cleansing

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