Now It’s Gone

Now you have gone and posted it
Now you have gone and toasted it
Now you have gone and given it
Away for me, you have tried to take
It from me, all my purity saved up for
You, and that night for two, some wine,
Some time, some dining flavor, it’s a bank,
Its like a prank, its something for me to think
New now,
I saved it up and spent it on you,
That darkened skin of yours,
It kept me real sure,
I thought it would be pure,
But by the beach I was out of
Reach, I can’t dance, I can’t speak,
I can’t take back those moments,
Those kisses, those things everyone
Thinks will just fade too,
Now you are gone,
Now you are long away,
Now you are broken still today,
Over the past, over those fragments,
Those half hearted sentences,
Those criminal messages,
It’s a crime to give away
Yourself, unsure you might
Be, but save it for someone who
Will be with you forever,
And ever, it stings me still,
Forever and forever

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