When Young

I saw it when we were young
That spark of a dream, of an
Ambition, of sweet and sour
Intuition, holding hands under
The banner of misunderstood,
Under the banner of young love
I was dumber then but took more
Chances, in the pool there was an
Exchange, don’t leave her it said
In that adolescent mind, don’t
Get away from yourself, don’t
Put chance up on the shelf,
Safety used to call to me,
Comfort was the drug I did
Inhale, was that which never
Taught me so well—have to
Take it, have to take that thing
Called risk, so I loved you til
The end, til the end of graduations
And speeches and commencements
And all that bunches up inside of me,
I loved you in the dark, then he came
Over for pizza, over the counter, over
This hardened melody of a song,
Over the new medicine that I was
Taking, its power was never useful,
It made me tired and anxious and with
Shakes and bombs and all that explodes
When one is rejected, when one is sifted,
When one concludes: this love has faded,
I must move on and find life somewhere
Else—I was not protected, I was suspect
To the pain, so I still feel it, and let you
Go, way back then, way back now,
It still hurts, so I embrace it

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