Thought I Had It

I thought I had it,
Had it in the bank,
Money for the gas tank,
Enough fuel to make you drool
And love me more, for that hair of
Yours was everywhere, screaming at
Me, guiding my foot upon the gas,
It was you at last, darkened shadows
Echoed around you,
The world was not known to you,
Backseat chaser, twenty something
Is the twenty nothings these days,
Coasting in a haze and smoking a
Purposeless vision,
I thought what I had was you,
I thought what I could hold was you,
Under the sun, under the fireworks,
Under the banner of love and give and
Be together—now I stand under nothing,
Now life is an empty vacation I am on,
Spending my energy up upon myself,
Yes, I have the sun,
Yes, I have the ocean,
Yes, I am the endless commotion
And the noise in the sky,
Yes I am this last Las Vegas adventure,
Yes, I am thirsty for bright and shiny and
To much skin, yes, I thought I had it,
But now its gone,
An empty man is the beginning of
Wisdom, is the beginning of pleasure
And joy and life and all that you call good,
Wavy is you,
A slave to love now,
A slave to the network,
A slave not to me, for your
Desire shall be for your husband,
Now the world will rule you,
Will pound you back ten years,
Make you cry real hard,
Maybe what you have found is
More pain, more misery of man
Increases greatly,
I thought I had it,
But it can never be found in people,
Found in the opposite gender,
Found without the splendor of
The King, for sometimes the ache
Is a gift, and the ache of loneliness
Leads you to Him

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