I Am The Buried Chains

I am the buried chains
I am the disease in the brain,
I am the chemicals, I am
A memory of particles,
A low response, a no response,
In the middle man tries to live,
In the middle he cannot give,
For vomit is the crime that we
Commit, for middle is not an option,
Neutral is the vitamin I take,
For coasting is where we sit,
As young and death take over,
Whatever God does it shall
Be forever, now I wait and
Anticipate what death will be
Like, what will happen with the plight,
What will happen when I don’t fight,
Darkness rides on the clouds I look
At, and light is lucky to try to break in,
Do I break in,
Do I mistake it again,
Do I try to love and live
Again? I will not die living a
Half lie, or a half life, or a half
Hearted beat to the street I walk

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