In Need Of

I can’t complain
The mentally insane
Have made their claim,
Jesus of Nazareth is proclaimed,
Its come upon you, you are undone
By the light, it drives it out in sight,
Out of the mind man lives
Thinking he can get ahead,
Death is a faded memory,
Death is a death cab to drive
In and a shadow to walk in,
I love the particles, I love the
Parts of the body, the selections
I can make, the life that is not at
Stake, this is a grave mistake,
I must love the person,
I am unclean,
I am mean,
I am evil,
I am harsh and rude
And selfish and crude,
I am the slime I despise,
The scum of the earth,
The one with an untimely
Birth, I am the havoc upon
The church, I am the walking
Murderer to Damascus, for it
Will be in ruins one day—
I am all of these things,
In need of mercy

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