Ever Did Need

All I ever need is the brains to succeed,
Spelled your name out in the sand,
I have the same changes you wanted
From yesteryear, from the older me,
From the younger version of me,
With no facial hair, I looked younger
For you, younger with you,
American dream you followed,
The depths of me you did not
Swallow, for it was hard to follow
The stars above me, my forces of
Gravity, made you a mix tape and
Put gas in your tank, daily it was uphill,
An empty thrill, fourth of July was never
The same, under the blackened sky,
American dreaming keeping you in
Tact, was hard to react to the magic
And the way you did appear,
I don’t regret most things
But there was regret with you,
I gave, you took, and it can never
Be given back—heart attack, mild
Energy about purity, you were never
Crossed over like me, I never had
Enough to drive you around this
Messed up town of early retirement,
You were my marine layer, the fog in
The air, the clouds above me,
All I ever needed was maybe to
Learn how to be alone,
How to live at a stand still
How to be at peace with the pain
And at peace with the silence that
Carves itself out for me

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