I Will

I can’t remember the names
And the faces and the spaces
Filled up for you, all the secrets
I used to hold in because of the
Wolf’s den in the living room,
Of the raging bull in front of us,
For spilling cereal, for chewing loud,
For being innocence, for loving a pure
Conscience, for trying to find a wholeness,
For all the loneliness, for all the separation,
For all the turbulence, for all the fuel you costed
Me, for all the gasoline I spent on you,
For the interstate that took you daily,
For the freeway that you are a slave too,
For never being happy inside of your own
Skin, for sports is the idol inside of every
Man’s nightmare, can never be what you see
On the screen, Johnson ruled the eighties,
Jordan ruled the nineties, now who is left
To rule me? I am a darkened city now,
I am the street lights shining on myself,
I am the train sound that follows me,
I am the only kind of place I know how
To be scared, I am reaching out for
Safety and I realize it may never come
In God, for He does not want safe people,
But people who love in spite of being hurt
And being unloved,
I will press through it,
Those childhood blues,
Those fringe and the clues,
Those games we play when
The mind is not renewed,
I will know truth,
I will face the past,
I will be a man today,
I will face my life in a culture
That says not to

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