Can’t Keep Lying

Can’t keep lying,
Can’t keep trying to
Pretend like you don’t
Bother me, brother me,
Sister me, family conform
Around me, couch family
Waiting up for me, Lost,
Office, breaking the bad
Habits, addicted to football,
To the masters, to your own
Green jacket, to your own racket,
And the crimes you organized for
Us, to your own downfall, to your
Own city life, to your own freeway,
To your own affairs, I am not fit
For this life, for it is to hard and
To painful, I have to borrow sorrow
For tomorrow for everyday is heavy,
The world is fog, I am my own smog,
For the fuel I have to offer has no
More offerings to carry, for I am
My own spawn, my own creation,
My own web to catch myself in,
My own predator, can’t keep lying,
Its in my head the transition you
Have made, the love you have found,
The people you are now with,
It was open ended, it was firework
Reprimanded, it was commendable,
Am I not repairable?
To pretty to care,
To pretty to not stare,
To many waves, to many
Edges, to many pieces,
To many selections I
have had with you,
I can’t keep lying,
I am a desperate man,
Claiming desperation,
Holding on to aspiration,
Want an impactful life,
A hard life with love and
Pain and hurt and rejection,
And you at the center of
My direction, now I need
A c section, cut me open,
And make me truly desperate,
I can’t lie anymore, I am not there,
I am still living for myself

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