City Life

Got to get out of the city
Girls getting to pretty for
Its lights, and its hype, and
Its pages that are written,
I am in the building and its
Structure, I am the future,
I am the rock He will build on,
I am craving silence, I am thirsty
For noise, I am easily satisfied,
Easily distracted, easily redacted
And snapped like a twig,
I am the bruised reed that
He will not break, I am the smoke
To my own flame, for the world’s
Water has quenched this love,
Nothing shall separate,
Not even my own principalities,
My own priorities,
My own proclivities
To live like myself,
To put love up on the
Shelf, to die and live
In this city, for it conforms
Me, it calls to me, brokenness
Exists outside the walls I have
Been most comfortable in

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