Here I am again,
Broken within,
Addicted to what is
Not considered sin,
Addicted to addiction,
To noise, to traffic,
To sun, to comfort,
To a tan, to the beach,
For your thoughts outnumber
The sand, yet I live to stay stuck,
To outnumber the dead that are
Before me, for death cannot be
Escaped, I have an eternal ache,
All before my time has come,
All before me have not learned,
Have not been shown clearly
What is to be held so dearly—
Out love, our broken choices
In a wrecked display of abuse
And to choose, to have the choice,
To portray suffering as for those
Other ones out there,
I have not words to express tonight,
Today, in the morning I hope I choose
To abuse the devil again,
To fight again,
To live in love and truth,
To be misunderstood,
For enemies come when you
Stand for truth, for proof,
For I am not explicit,
I am not implicit,
I am complicated,
Yet I will still praise
The way I was made,
The way I am, that which
Is only good news to me,
Dust is my future home,
So I will live with the choice
In mind—man chooses to live,
Even when his heart beats

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