In Need Of

I am the broken sound in the train tracks
With my soul intact, and my brain to take back,
Living like a rental, like this isn’t my home,
On the pilgrimage, in the fuselage of the plane,
In the rain, in the pain, in all that I have to bring,
I am not the mercy, I am the sacrifice, I am the
Offerings, I am the tabernacle, I am in between
The birds and the blood and the flood of my
Unknown sorrows, I am the borrowed space
You take up, just to speak up, to speak up
For the injustice I live in, for the train track
Noise, for the siren of poise, and confidence,
I am the emergency, I am the stitches needed,
For I am eternally indebted to you, I am the
Initiation, and the complication, and the
Sound of the structure breaking,
I am addicted to staring, to looking,
To seeing to little on you, to little covered up,
To much of no surprise, no surprise when
That night comes, when white becomes worth
It to see, when the pleasure you have waited for
Does finally happen, I am all these things, and
I am in need of You, God!

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