I am not the change,
I am not the foundation,
I am not to be built upon,
I am not the eschaton,
I will soon be gone,
Soon be done,
Soon to be forgotten,
The memory of the dead
Fades too,
I am not the sunset,
I am not the peace at night,
I am not the person to trust,
I am not the one to be with,
The one to search for,
The one to die for,
I am not deserving of
Good things, good health,
Accident free living,
A life without sirens,
Without the ambulance,
Without an emergency,
I am not the urgency,
I am not going to speak,
I am not gonna lift up my
Voice to you, I am not gonna
Ask for help anymore, I am
All of these things and more,
I am in need of a rewrite,
Of another draft,
Of another redo,
Another to be submitted,
I am not the publisher
But you are the finisher,
The final signature on
My departure, I am left
Behind, only to find You
Waiting for me, I am not with
You, I am against,
I am not for,
I am ashamed,
I am in need of a new name,
A rewrite,
A new list of to do’s
To love a new list,
To love you in the midst

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