Sunset Summer

Empty out my bookshelf,
Change this information,
I fill up on, are the pages
of you with you, had you then,
Miss you again,
Pizza parlor,
Pearl Harbor,
Sister and brother,
Sink and shower,
Connection, non fiction,
Father fiction,
Laid it upon me,
The curse of mistrust,
The yoke of guilt,
The war torn nerves
have died softly
Where is dad?
Where is man?
Sister left away
To sway L.A.,
Met a man got married away,
Lovely is the poetry that lives in me,
Dead have I been living, pages of
Christ take up the pages of me,
I have written of you,
I have sought for you,
I have remembered faithful
summers, faithful endeavor,
Sunset summer now into the dirt,
For trying to flirt,
Trying to flirt with destiny,
To rearrange my history,
I am man, you are Sovereign,
Now where I taste it, now where
I try to live it,
Filled it in, another wanderer,
Hopeless at best,
I need a description for a new
Nothing can take away the
ache that you have given me,
That you have put in me,
Another fourth of July,
Another time to live, to die,
But not without love
Not without you by my side

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