I Am The I Am

I am not the wind,
I am the dark,
I am the spark that was
Buried under the fire,
I am the boy scout,
The last one at best,
I am the curb, I am the
Teeth with an open jaw,
I am racism,
I am discriminating,
I am yellow, and black,
And white and Persian,
And afraid of explosions,
I have not it in me to kill
The war on terror,
I am the patriot act,
The tapped phone,
The endless database,
The cowboy days are
Not past me, I am the oil,
I am the spoil, I am the older
Generation losing aspiration,
I am the American Dream,
Yet I am still suffering—
Yet I am in constant pain,
I am not happy, I am not
Pleasant to be around,
Its not my best life now—
He never says anything
Anyway—I am the prosperity
Living for me—I am not
Hearing the Man, the branch,
The lamb, I am not the light
Into the world,
I am the darkness,
I am against Him,
He has a demon,
He is just a man,
Yet says He is God?
He is the rod,
The structure,
The Ruler,
The King,
Against me,
If dark remains in me,
Hell is my home,
If Christ is not my own—
Is not living in me,
Flames are for me,
Flames are against me,
Flames will eternally remind me
Life was hard but I lived easy,
I lived for fame,
I lived for my name,
I lived for the spot light,
I am death,
I am the shadow,
I am all these things
On my own—I am without
You—I am here, still here—
Asking myself—28 strong—
I am young, and dumb
And full of myself—
I am the header of me,
I am the fallen things I
Fear—I am in need of
The I am

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