So Much To Say

When summer really begins and when does the ‘ hey, this is what my life has been like for the past 6 months post,’ when does that begin?

I think the hardest part of writing is in fact sitting down and formulating what you want to talk about. I have given up on making promises as to what I am going to post about, rather I think it would be best just to talk about what I want to talk about. Movies and television shows have been taking up some space in my time in the past two weeks, not to mention then many movie reviews from my spring back from April. You all read the post on God’s Not Dead and really when I wrote that I was more emphasizing not the details of the movie but my own lack of perspective and my own proclivity for mocking in the most sardonic of ways the Christian movie industry. Yes, it still isn’t what it could be but just because people are attempting to do it, and slowly and subtly getting better at it, does not make it right for Christians to think every Christian film is doing nothing for people.

God’s Not Dead did in fact hit a vein in me and I think in the moment of watching it tears did come to my eyes in various parts. I realize that God is not dead in my life and He truly has done a miracle in me. I had written on my About Page my background and some of my story. Many have recently just started to follow this blog and so part of what I want to say all of time is the multitude of thoughts and the story of my own testimony. Of running hard after God I have had many bouts with anxiety attacks, torment and deep very disabling depression. I still think that the story in all of its details is not ready for this blog. However, it does come out in my poetry and I love that and will continue to reflect. I do not think hardship and suffering should be distant from our theology of the Christian life. We don’t worship pain in some sadistic way, rather we embrace the difficult of what is means to live a life of choosing Jesus. Romans five clearly tells us that pushing through it and staying with the hardships of life will produce in us God’s character. In terms of seeking relationship with women( or men if you are a women) that is what we are to look for in other people.

It is not so much that we are saying they are a really good looking person and someone that we feel attracted to, rather what we are looking for should be: wow, that person has chosen Jesus and is choosing Jesus in the midst of their difficult and hard life. A women that fears the Lord she ain’t playing says DC Talk and it is cheesy to sing, but it is just as true today as it was two decades ago when DC Talk had the main stage.

I have so much to say on relationships, pain and suffering and the many transitions in life that I am feeling right now. Movies have become more a part of this blog in the past few years and I want to continue to talk about where our culture is at. We can easily think that music and television and movies don’t affect us. We can easily think that they are just available for those of us that want to simply just escape, and want to simply get away for two hours because we are stressed out and have had a long week. Yes, I believe that is a huge part of the reason why we do choose to go to the moves, and a huge part of the reason why we even can do it all the time. We all have a lot going on in our lives at times. But, even in just the past two weeks I have come to believe( as I have for many years now, the last 5 even more so) that the movies is a place of education. Movies and television shows are a medium for us to learn about human depravity and suffering. It shines the spotlight on the many injustices that plague our world. Not just those other countries but even more so our democracy, our social inequalities, our not so white nation that is fading with Asians, Latinos, Hispanics and God knows what in the future.

Keep reading..more reviews to come on books and movies and some more updates on the past 50 poems that have been posted in the last 5 weeks.

Let the summer begin..

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