Reading The Pages

Reading the pages
Living through the ages,
Depth is a sad sound that befalls
Me, love is a fantasy that lives around
Me, they hold those hands of theirs,
His and hers and everyone after,
The sidewalk splits in half,
The time of the wrath has come,
For rhythm is not my gift,
Wrapping things up,
Wrapping them in,
Reading the words on the pages,
Bent over, bent up upon,
Crisp and clean and all that
Fails me, for eyes of disgust,
Eyes of rust, eyes of lust,
Man does this everyday,
He lives the freeway, lives
In the interstate, between dead
And alive, he makes the daily
9 to five, the daily drive,
daily he reads but does he
hear, does he listen, does
He respond straight to you,
He is after you, He is with you,
He presses renew, He presses
Please Lord redo, redo it inside
Of us now, come and renew us,
Can’t just read about you God,
Must have you in the freeway,
On the interstate, in this state
Of mind where you take up
My free time

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