Torn Couch

Wanted a couch family
one that could be there
for me,
rips and tears and many fears,
we did not know how to fix
what was torn away, what was stored
away, what to do when you feel the scorn,
and war on the porn, and feel the torn scars
of the broken cars you couldn’t fix,
and the couch family faded anyway,
Home is where you make it, but I was
Going to fake it until 18 came to me,

I was raised in hesitation,
without love’s vibration,
And feet like led,
I was in pain’s interpretation
Fear was the interruption,
Like I was in corruption
Accident or not,
The couch did rot,
It was where I was supposed
to sit and stay and feel safe,
Safety was taken away,
I made it like a clue,
I love the mystery
How you now work through me,
Light was covered when all
Was suffered–
It was a cover,
the torn up couch,
the endless ouch of
waiting for

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