Does It Love Me?

I love L.A. but does it love me,
I am wasted,
I am plugged,
I am electric,
I am pedantic,
Looking for rules,
Looking for fools
Gold, its in the coast,
Its in my boast,
Its in my pain,
I am addicted to rain,
Addicted to water, to
The rush called pleasure,
To her early departure,
To the Calvinists cop out
Of a predestined signature,
Do I have a choice?
Do I have the poise?
Do I have no noise?
Cause I can’t hear His voice,
Can’t make the choice,
He is the account,
He is the amount,
He is the judge of
Everything I don’t do,
Or say, or think,
Love I drink,
I drink it in–
I submit my time,
All of it, all of the dreams
And the coast I live on-

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