I Am The City

I am the city,
I am the busy,
I am the walks,
I am the brisk air that
You created to care—
I am the sunlit corners
And the healing shadows—
Just a touch of the apron,
Of the cloth and the moth
To the flame, I am the crevices
You fill me in,
I am empty in and within—
I am the black box,
The recording,
The voice in your head,
The cemented ground,
The train track sound—
The hollow way you
Carve around me—
The death that follows me—
The pills that sedate,
The love that shall wait—
I am in the light and I see
You in sight, I am the Samsonite
Your fragrance is locked real
Tight, summer was better with
You, with the way you stood for
Me, with the way you were just
Next to me—I am the city,
I am the love,
I am walking so someone
Will notice, will see,
Will honk, will trunk me,
Will carry me,
Will remember me—
I am the city,
And you created it

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