Needed A Couch

Needed a couch
Needed an ouch,
Needed someone to hurt me,
Someone to destroy me,
Someone to drive me off the
Cliff, someone to lay it down,
To build up with, to cast stones
With, to kill the weeds with,
To smoke the smell of all that
We would want to avoid in our
Lives, to replicate me,
To live with me—
Dead people live around me,
I see them all the time,
I smell their smoke,
I hear them joke,
They scoff,
They talk,
Power is the kingdom,
Power is to come,
I am weak,
I want broken,
I want lazy,
I am scandal,
I am like it like a candle,
Its burns all who should burn,
I am not good, never,
Never once have I chosen
Right, I live for myself,
For the couch,
Teenage virginity loss,
Many toss it before 16,
Thinking love can be understood,
On a couch, with no commitment,
With no waiting for the best-
I am couch,
I am in need of sitting,
I am in need of silence.

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