Samsonite Days(older poem)

This was written December 2011 and I was just making a lot of life transitions at that time and was missing my family in California when I lived in Kansas City..

Once again, about family, pain and wanting to run away. This is as human as I know how to be.

My Samsonite has my line of sight
To many late nights of the fist fight,
Sitting at the top of the stairs wondering if
Anyone cares, feeling the separation, feel the mulling
Over regrets blaring loud past a child’s worst nightmares,
Feeling the upheaval hitting the steeple, dressed up religion
Is drowned out anger change up, fast balls is what we had,
Cooking dinner alone was the way it was at home, now its
Years later and my anger has come to an end, I am packing up
Again, flushing Prozac down the drain, circling it again, death has
Been flooding my mind, escape from this town has me up at night,
Packed with me tight is my samsonite, burning bright with road
Flares is my sense of emergency, I’ve spent to many years listening
To fist fights with destiny, now its about me and how bad I want to
Runaway, its up here written in red so you don’t do it again, we all
Went around the circle in 08 telling you why separation was the only
Option, why sprinting home for the lease was the way it had to be,
Now you feel alone like an immature adolescent, now you guard lives
For a living but where is your heart beating, I am not writing to stay bitter,
I am writing so it lasts forever, scars and wounds and late night fights have
Made me a better man, with a master plan to get out once again and make a name
For the American dream, no I am not rich at all but poor in life so far,
Poverty reaches out to me cause I’d rather have nothing and know my limits
And depravity, I’d rather be alone then live with unrelenting rage at the page
The world gives me thus far, this samsonite its in my line of sight and I’ve
Decided it stays trapped in the closet not ready for today for no one said
The runaway would matter anyway, here I am again, ready to run but this
Time in a different direction

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