Sturm And Drang(older poem)

Sturm And Drang

Labor pains have been building as generations of neglect
Pay the highest respect; urgency has surrounded me, awakening
To my dull life has come, turbulence has shifted in the tailpipe of
This airplane, for she flies with it daily, landing when she sees it,
Doing all she can with no regret, I have my recent calculation, this
Generation is in trouble; I have the space Hubel to give me existing proof
There is something beyond me looking down at me, eternity has been
Slipping, white horses soon coming splitting the sky I am asking questions
Of why meanwhile bags have been packed for the adolescent in the rear
View mirror struggling without a glimmer suffering with the rumor daily,
Fending off the bully, urgently looking for a new life on the shores of
Restoration, her belly gave me the news today, how life sped away
Suddenly how turbulent it became, her east coast life hit the knife,
For what was sharp and painful became a handful and gravity came
And took that pain, here I am finding a place to blame, who are we
69 billion strong in medicine and 1 billion strong in abortion,
I feel the splitting and dividing persisting and my life insisting that
Someone get paid for this revelation, here I am with retribution looking
To empty my ammunition of complaints and laments, there the mook and
The midriff go unrepentantly from me, been needing Vaseline for holding
On to tight, these thoughts have me up at night, the adolescent is vibrant
And looking to belong but turbulence and urgency keep me beating strong,
What am I giving the ones I am serving? To be lonely and rejected is a part
Of the expectation to die in occupation is worthy of laying it down,
Suffering coming urgently for those living valiantly, I don’t understand you
So I bow low in prayer for you

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