Ended And Eden

Sleeping with all the lights
On waiting for the eschaton
Waiting for you to write on
The pages I open for you,
Young it seems to be walking
Out our dreams,

Safe and secure and not sure,
Summer ended and Eden started
To parish, but to cherish you
I will always do, the roaring
Twenties and your entities
Shine through to me, you
Seemed to be just another
Summer memory, facing down
With an empty sound it began
To be, backseat you used to
Sit and regret filled me for
My words were few focused on

The grass spread out under us
The sky seemed an explosion
And an erosion under my
Grip, ended it became for in
School we would never drool
Over what could have been,
Young I am at what to do
With you for beauty was no
Strange thing to you,

Ended I will stay and waiting
For a windfall could be my
End all, stay out sight, stay out
Of mind, stay out of Eden
This time around

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