Movie Review: X-Men:Days Of Future Past(2014)

No, we can’t connect John Mark’s new song Future/Past with this latest X-Men movie but both the song and this movie are highlights of entertainment for 2014.

X-Men has officially made 6 films before Days Of Future Past. I have to admit that the first X-Men(directed by Bryan Singer) was much better then the two that followed it. In the summer of 2009 when X-Men Origins came out centered on Wolverine I was severely disappointed. I also saw it at midnight and I think that let me down as well. No one likes a midnight showing that totally tanks. However, the X-Men franchise did redeem themselves with X-Men:First Class.


First class had that edgy style to it that really retold the story in a way that was just better than what had been in the past. And last summer(2013) The Wolverine was good as well. It is a little bit of a stretch I think to keep making Wolverine movies because there is only so much to show and tell with his inner turmoil of suffering. He is a complex person that is trying to do right while also having the appearance of anger and hatred.

Director: Bryan Singer

Writers: Simon Kinberg(Story and Screenplay), Mathew Vaughn and Jane Goldmen(Story)

Stars: Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, James, McAvoy, Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart and Michael Fassbender

The story is set after First Class by some years. It is the year 2023 and the Sentinels( robots) are destroying the world and the mutants. To prevent them from extinguishing the human race the X-Men must travel back in time to stop the robotic problem from ever getting it feet off the ground. Kitty Pryde(Ellen Page) is able to send someone but only Wolverine can handle the side effects of going back years instead of weeks. Wolverine’s mission is to find the professor and explain to him the task at hand. Turns out that Raven/Mystique needs to be stopped because of her attempt to kill Dr. Trask(the man in charge of the Sentinel program). Wolverine, with the help of Beast and Quicksilver break Magneto out of prison( a made of no metal cell 100 feet underground).Magneto was imprisoned for trying to kill JFK. Later it is revealed that JFK was possibly a mutant and Magneto was trying to help him.

A very humorous scene where Quicksilver does his magic and gets Magneto free. The story climaxes at a summit in Paris where Dr. Trask first releases the Sentinel program and goes against Magneto, who is also building an army himself. President Nixon says he will fund Trask the money to get the program going. In conclusion, the future X-Men are able to stop everything. Raven is able to redeem herself. My only brain goof right now is remembering exactly what happened to Trask. I am pretty sure he died but in reading up on this movie that is not the end of him. Magneto’s magnetic speech of, “You fear us because we are different” really appeals to many societal stigmas and injustices that take place all around us. Our practice of discrimination.

Professor X said in the beginning of the film: “is the future truly set.” And the film ends with the future X-Men now in the mansion with all their other mutant friends. We see that Jean Gray never died, nor did Scott. This was cool and romantic to end with Wolverine seeing that the love of his life has not perished. I am sure that their love story will continue on.

Key lines and closing thoughts..

I feel in all the movie reviews that I have done on this blog that I am not the best at breaking it down scene by scene. I have found a ton of stuff just on this film of people breaking it down scene by scene. Rather, I like to write these to point out how I feel one movie connects to others and what can be learned from the actors, writers and the genre.

X-Men, as well as all comic book or super hero films all play off that thing in us that looks for safety and protection in those that have unusual talents and gifts. Its no secret that some of the most powerful minds have the most tormented lives. Depression, bipolar and even ending one’s life in suicide plague many brilliant people. Ernest Hemingway and Freud both killed themselves but clearly had powerful imaginations. Professor X taking drugs in the beginning of this film to cope with his gift, or even to block it out. In the end he faces his pain and clicks himself back into his area of purpose. Magneto saying, “You fear us because of our gifts.” That really says it all. The world is not ready for different and unique. It happens to us all the time but we don’t accept it very well. A country like ours that is now becoming less white then it ever has been. A black president. Gay marriage being the most legal it ever has been.

Our land of the free is becoming the home of the different and the home of opportunity. X-Men represent the unique and the different. We either embrace that or we stay stuck in our ideals of what we value to be the standard. Its a choice and it is a challenge.

I did also like the line “We all have to die sometime!”

As far as the hidden scene in the end goes..get ready for Apocalypse in 2016.

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