One Risen(older poem)

In light of talking about movies this past week this is a reflection that I wrote after seeing The Dark Knight Rises summer 2012.

In light of the Dark Knight rising, there is still one seated on the throne…

In reflection on the craze that happens every summer with movies. I want to be fascinated with Jesus, end of story.


Red eyes tonight

Pacing and aiming to be at peace

Soul still does rot, hands out empty parking lot

Summer spot on these emotions, no more tokens of waiting,

Knights rising but one really risen, getting up now to hard for

The sun is waiting for a new spot to sit on, on this chest, on this

Bench press, now change is happening all around, the world is craving

Some protection, some stark raving attention, some subtle disengagement

Some now containment for safety, for Orange is that color burning in the

Altitude change, now my hands are low for sure, because I know for sure

Change is coming to the things I put my trust in—planet soon to shift,

The Lord always on the search, now I am purged within to get a new wide

Eyed vision, red only the color He bled, love now instead, death taking a grip

Now temporarily but up this night holding onto the dreams in me and the

Truth of eternity blazing inside of me, the colors all around always changing

And now I am still rearranging the priorities of this life I am now living

West coast dreaming still beating inside of me but stones rolled away

So I could start to see, see now fascination is not far but will now cost something

Up all night reminding myself why I am at it still—up for the thrill, the pomp, the

Extra bills to earn it now by the sea to hear those words from the surf in me,

The waves, the cutback to change today, to say yes today, to get His words in

Me today, that subtle rearrangement inside that say there’s something better

Than the ocean tide of pop culture, my future must lose this grip inside of me

For only one will rise in my mind, and has risen, not black caped crusaders talking

Like Darth Vadar but one who shed, who died, and is now risen, alive and well,

The only one worthy to stop time, stop the crime, and save me in due time,

Upon now I make my dedication, box office selling out for this truth I want

To be about to find a life of quiet desperation wrapped up in Him


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