Movie Review: Delivery Man(2013)

Vince Vaughn has been notorious for playing the same party loving womanizing throughout most and I mean most of his films. But he does what other comedic actors have done and that is bringing out a more serious man. And I think he does better than others have done in this genre.


Director and Writer: Ken Scott. A remake from the film called Starbuck.

Overview: For brevity sake and because my emphasis is different with this film then others that I have reviewed. Dave Wozniak is your typical floating through life man. He works for his dad and brothers at a meat shop. He is a literal delivery man with a gambling problem with a debt to play actual mobsters. Dave’s girlfriend Emma is pregnant but would rather raise their future child alone. David then finds out that he is the father of 533 children because of a sperm donation 20 years earlier. Trying to be a good man and do the right thing David seeks to connect with these kids and in the end he gets the girl and the child and all is well.

The deeper meaning and some dialogue points:

I think format needs to be chucked out the door sometimes( my own formats I mean)

This film is good for a lot of reasons. First, Vince Vaughn does show us more of himself and shows us that he can care and does really care about not just being funny but having purpose. Most people are unhappy with their lives and most women are even more unhappy with the men in their lives. The conflict with this is rooted in the immaturity that shadows most men in movies. Men become ridiculed for their bad choices and their beer loving frat like ways. Women conclude in most films( at least at the beginning) that all guys are dumb and are incapable of being responsible or serious people.

I really want to write on this more and have touched it a little bit with reviewing a book like Men To Boys(the making of modern immaturity) by Gary Cross. Delivery Man shines the light on this ‘not good enough’ thing and yes, it is true most of the time. I hate to be in the same category as Tim ‘the toolman’ Taylor in the reluctant sense of never knowing what to do. Tim Taylor seems to be multiplying himself when writers paint the portrait of the modern man. Fumbling over every marriage and identity crisis seeking the man with no face(Wilson) for advice. The point to be: men have to prove themselves to women in most shows and movies. They have to prove that they are not stupid. They have to show the women that they will stay true to them because the girl has probably dated the frat guy with no vision and goals for his own life. Therefore, this can’t all be in this post but is worthy to talk about in the future.

David Wozniak shows us that taking responsibility is possible and it can be achieved and we can do the right thing. Dave says. “For the first time in my life I am doing the right thing.” And is just doing the right thing enough? If you just do what is right can that be more important than money, fame or anything else. I think it does. This film also reflects many valuable father/son lessons as well as what it means to be a good father

Key moments and lines:

Emma(Colbie Smulders) says to David, ” I don’t want a father that just disappears, this is not a life, you don’t have a would know if you would call me once in a while.”

His friend Brett represents the unhappy man that has kids but loathes it and doesn’t want it. He says, “kids are a black hole, they take your time and your hair!” He tells David, “You don’t have the skills to bring up a kid!”

David says(about having a kid) “I need order. I think this could be beautiful.” I hope we learn that it should always be that way. It should always be that we rejoice in life and the hope that it brings and the magnificent calling it brings upon men and women.

I know this might be looking to deep into a two hour film but I think its worth mentioning some of these things.

The lines his dad delivers are the best of the film and make the point about fathering and parenting. The dad tells Emma, “if you are able to live with his countless faults, you will also live through some marvelous times.”

Brett says in court about the 533 kids, “And not to have these beautiful kids would be a great loss.”

One of the kids testifies, ” He is someone that gave life and happiness where is was badly needed!”

David tells his dad, “I want to make the right decision–your brothers are not mentally equipped to deal with it–you are one of the only people that can deal with this situation..-I grew up in terrible poverty–I left Warsaw–my father died—his dad gave him 10 dollars-that’s all he had–not being able to give them enough or not being able to be with them when they hit hard times–the dad says–my great good fortune in life is to see you boys every day, that, for me, is success!”

In conclusion, this inspires me to write more about men in society, fatherhood and parenting. It will always be something we will want to see is men being challenged to face their problems and face their pain. The worst thing we can do is not be good dads. The greatest disservice to women and to future children is to not be the best man you can be. And I don’t believe that is possible outside of the grace of God.

All in all in light of this, this movie inspires.

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